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Arduino Mega 2560 Shields (V2)

Arduino Mega 2560 Shields (V2)

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Introducing the newest update to our ever popular Arduino shield, now with overhead and pedestal options too!

Elevate your flight simulation experience with effortless connectivity to our bespoke LCD displays. Designed to plug straight into your Arduino, this shield brings a new dimension to home hobbyists and professional pilots alike.

The shield offers great integration - Harness the full potential of your flight simulator setup with easy access to every available digital and analog pin. The shield also features an ingenious backlight configuration, allowing you to detach the included backlight jumpers and harness your own power for backlight dimming.

All of the pin headers and connectors come pre-soldered, eliminating complexity. With a conveniently placed reset button, resetting your setup becomes hassle-free, ensuring you're always in control.

Make connectivity even easier by purchasing one of our cable bundles:

Unlock the Skies, our Arduino Mega 2560 Shields opens the door to a realm of realism and customization that's simply unparalleled. Whether you're a dedicated home hobbyist or a professional aviator honing your skills, these shields are your ticket to unlocking the skies in the most immersive way imaginable.

Take your in-flight simulator experience to new heights. Order your Arduino Mega 2560 Shield today and transform the way you engage with your passion for flight. Experience realism, connectivity, and customization like never before.

** This does NOT include the Arduino, Cables or LCDs, they are pictured only for reference **

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Customer Reviews

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Steve R - UK

Really happy withe the Glare Shield package I purchased, both the EFIS and FCU screens are flawless, so much better than using separate 7 Segment Displays. To top it off the Arduino Shield that came in the package made it so much easier to use, it's basically Plug & Play!

Coupled with Mobiflight it's up and running in minutes and not hours!


Super well made! Works as charm. Autenthic look


Really a great product. Don’t know any product on the market for FlightSim Enthusiasts that is closer to the original one Ian airliner.