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Interactive LED Airport Displays & Universal Control Board

Welcome to the technical details page for our innovative Interactive LED Airport Displays and the Universal Control Board. Here, you’ll find in-depth information about the features, specifications, and functionalities of our latest product offerings.


Kav Simulations’ Interactive LED Airport Displays bring the dynamic world of aviation to your desk or wall, showcasing real-time and virtual aircraft movements with stunning LED visuals. Paired with our Universal Control Board, these displays offer a seamless, interactive experience for aviation enthusiasts, flight simulation fans, and tech hobbyists alike.

Product Features

Interactive LED Airport Displays:
  • Airports Available: London Heathrow (EGLL), Innsbruck (LOWI), Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM), Munich (EDDM), and Las Vegas (KLAS).
  • Real-World and Virtual Mode: Switch between real-world aviation traffic and virtual flight simulation traffic with the touch of a button.
  • LED Indicators:
    • Red LEDs for parking stands
    • Green LEDs for taxiways
    • RGB Neopixels for runways, with colors changing based on the airline.
  • High-Fidelity Mapping: Accurate and detailed representation of airport layouts, including runways, taxiways, and parking stands.
  • Easy Installation: Mountable with included PCB standoffs; control board easily plugs in. Mounting holes are M3.
Universal Control Board:
  • Compatibility: Supports all Kav Simulations airport displays; one control board can operate any airport display (one at a time).
  • Simple Setup: Connect to the board’s WiFi Access Point and configure settings via ‘http://avi-board.local’.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Enter WiFi credentials once for automatic server connection and operation.
  • Optional Subscription Service: Access additional features while maintaining full functionality without a subscription.
  • Power Supply: Sold separately. Or provide your own 60W USB-C PD power supply.
Technical Specifications

Interactive LED Airport Displays:
  • Dimensions:
    • Heathrow: W:361mm x D:175mm x H:12mm
    • Innsbruck: W:247mm x D:101mm x H:12mm
    • Amsterdam: W:220mm x D:290mm x H:12mm
    • Munich: W:300mm x D: 130mm x H:12mm
    • Las Vegas: W:250mm x D:200mm x H:12mm
  • Power Requirements: Power is provided from the control board.
  • LED Specifications: Parking stands and taxiways are 0402 LEDS, and the runways are RGB Neo-Pixels.
  • Connectivity: Connects to the Universal Control Board via pin header connection. Use optional (included) PCB standoffs for easy alignment. Power is provided from the control board via the cable included with the control board.

Universal Control Board:
  • Dimensions: W:85mm x D:85mm x H:20mm
  • Power Input: 60W via USB-C.
  • WiFi: WiFi via ESP32. Provide WiFi credentials once at setup.
Installation and Setup Guide

1.    Unbox Your Products:
    •    Ensure you have the LED Airport Display, the Universal Control Board, and all necessary cables, power supply and standoffs.

2.    Mount the Airport Display:
    •    Use the self-adhesive PCB standoffs to make aligning the control board easier.
3.    Connect the Control Board:
    •    Plug the Universal Control Board into the back of the airport display, and connect power using the provided cable. Ensure alignment matches the printed design outline.
4.    Power Up:
    •    Connect the control board to a USB-C PD power supply (as specified above).
5.    Initial Setup:
    •    Check: When first plugged in, all LEDs should beging a 'twinkling' pattern. If not, check steps 2, 3 and 4 again.
    •    When the control board powers up, it will broadcast its own WiFi Access Point. The name will be "KS_AviBoard-############" (where the '#' will be a unique ID).
    •    Connect your device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) to the devices WiFi network.
    •    Open a web browser and go to ‘http://avi-board.local’.
    •    Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your WiFi credentials. The control board will connect to your WiFi network and the server.
6.    Using the Display:
    •    Use the two buttons on the airport display to switch between real-time air traffic (Data Source 1) and virtual simulation mode (Data Source 2).
    •    In virtual mode, enjoy tracking your own movements around the airport if connected to the virtual sim network.
    •    If LEDs continue to twinkle, no WiFi connection has ever been made. If you see the LEDs swiping from left to right, and top to bottom, then a connection has been made but is temporailly down. This could be that the device has lost connection to your WiFi, or in an unlikely event, it could mean it's lost connection to our server.


Q: Do I need a separate control board for each airport display?
A: No, one Universal Control Board can operate any of our airport displays. Simply swap the control board between displays as needed. But, it can only operate one at a time. If you want to have multiple airport boards active at the same time, you will need a control board for each one.

Q: Is a subscription required to use these products?
A: No, a subscription is optional and provides enhanced features, but the core functionality of tracking real-time and virtual air traffic is available for free for the life of the product.

Q: What if I have multiple displays?
A: While the control board can only operate one display at a time, you can easily switch the control board between different airport displays.

Q: How accurate are the LED mappings?
A: Our LED mappings are highly accurate, reflecting the latest layouts and operations of each airport. We continually update our servers to ensure up-to-date information.

Q: What additional features are available with the subscription service?
A: At present, the subscription will give you a higher frequency of position updates, resulting in smoother looking movements. There will be other features added in the near future, such as the ability to change the RGB LEDs.

Q: My board is continuously swiping from left to right, and down to up.
A: First check your WiFi router, and ensure it has internet access. If you've recently changed your WiFi credentials, this will need to be updated on the control board. Repeat step 5 from above. Failing this, sometimes a simple power reset will solve the issue. Lastly, check our social media to find out if we have notified of any server problems. If not, then contact us for further support.

For further questions or technical support, please contact us at info@jak-kav.co.uk or use our contact form.

Thank you for choosing Kav Simulations. Enjoy the unparalleled realism and immersive experience of our Interactive LED Airport Displays and Universal Control Board.