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A3xx Radio & TCAS LCD Unit

A3xx Radio & TCAS LCD Unit

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Introducing the ultimate in-flight simulator accessory for Airbus A3xx enthusiasts: our bespoke Radio & TCAS (combined) LCD display. Designed to work seamlessly with the popular MobiFlight software, or independantly implemented into exisiting hardware, our display provides a realistic and immersive experience for both home hobbyists and businesses.

This particular display can function as either the radio LCD or the TCAS display.
The display has been designed so that you can isolate each character and choose to display on only the middle 4, giving you the TCAS display. Or, display across asll 6 characters and get the radio display (with the decimal point between characters 3 and 4, of course).

Crafted with the highest quality materials, our LCD display is custom designed for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft, providing a realistic and accurate representation of the radio & TCAS displays. With intuitive firmware and a sleek design, our display is easy to use and perfect for enhancing your in-flight simulator setup.

Each display is carefully manufactured and comes in protective packaging for secure shipping. Be sure to get your hands on one of these exclusive displays before they're all sold out.

Experience the thrill of flying an Airbus A3xx like never before with our high-quality LCD display. Order now and take your in-flight simulator experience to new heights!

The backlight is independantley powered, and has it's own pins for power. Meaning, the backlight intensity can be controlled seperatly. Please see the 'Documentation' page for more details.
The radio & TCAS unit does come with the pin headers pre-soldered for the connection pins (as pictured). The pin headers on the opposite side are not required for functionality, they are only optional to assist with mounting to a PCB if needed.

** We have written our own firmware for you to use as part of our fork of the MobiFlight firmware (see the Documentation page for more details), but you are buying this product as a component only. There is no official software/firmware support **

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If you would like to use a particular carrier, please contact us to arrange a shipping quote for that company (DHL, FedEX, DPD, UPS, etc...)

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Hi hello,haven't tried it yet!...but looks ok,my querie is how am i going to set it up?...happy new year!...😀😀😀