FCU Technical Details

Technical Specifications

  • Using a 3-line serial interface (CS, DI, CLK/RW), the hardware is easy to set up and use.
  • Operating voltage: 4.8~5.2V
  • The height from the bottom of the PCB to the top of the LCD is 8mm. We recommend allowing another 2mm for the pin header spacer.
  • For detailed dimensions and incorporating this LCD into your design, please see the full dimensions below. 
  • If you have specific concerns or questions, let us know. This has been designed to be as accommodating to as many people as possible. It should fit perfectly for most setups, but you may have to make some small adjustments to an existing design. 
  • We have tested fitment based on measurements from the real aircraft.

FCU Pin Out

FCU Dimensions
  • PCB Dimensions are W:238mm x H:30mm
  • Glass Dimensions are W:222mm x H:19mm
  • Display (Visible Area) Dimensions are W:214mm x H:15mm

Full and detailed specifications of the device can be found here: FCU Data Sheet

On the FCU, the backlight is part of the main circuit, and as such cannot be dimmed independently. This is a design requirement, and a sacrifice that had to be made to ensure the PCB and LCD would meet the required dimensions. If you need to dim the backlight, refer to the FCU Data Sheet (linked above) and view the last section of the document for instructions on how to modify the device for dimming.

The device will not come with any pin headers. If you require them, you will need to obtain and solder them yourself. This is a simple job and can be done in less than 2 minutes.

Below is an image showing exactly where the characters being displayed will be and their size in respect to an FCU panel template. You can also see where the outer PCB will be in respect to the other features.

This is based on the FCU display cutout in the panel being 214mm x 15mm (the real aircraft dimensions). As such, even if your cutout is larger (as we know some are around 17mm), the display will still fit perfectly, and you will just have 1mm extra space at the top and bottom. We accounted for this in the design on the glass.

FCU Character Positions