Arduino Shields Technical Details

We have 3 variants of our V2 Arduino shields:
  • Glareshield
  • Overhead
  • Pedestal

Each contains the relevant JST-XH (2.54mm) conenctors for the LCD displays, and all remaining pins from the Arduino are accesible via the 2.54mm pin headers. This includes the analog pins too.

For all displays (other than the FCU) there is an option to control the backlight of the LCD independantly. Each display has jumpers connecting the backlight to +5V and GND. If you remove the pin header that connects `BLA` to `+5V`, then connect `BLA` to your own backlight control power source, you may power it independantly that way.

Each of the shields is conencted as follows:
There is also an easy to access reset button so you don't need to remove the shield to perform a reset.

Each shield has a choice of cable length:
You can choose 30CM lengths, or the more desirable 40CM/80CM lengths.
The cost of the longer cables is a bit more expensive, but it allows more freedom in component placement. If however you wish to source your own cables. we recommend you simply purchase the 30CM length bundle (as there is no option to buy without cables), and either add on JST-XH extensions, or utilise your own cables.